3D modeling software selection


I need to select some modeling software. Are some better than others for use with bs::framework? Any recommendations? I am mostly doing hard surface stuff ( spacecraft, vehicles )


You can try Blender 2.8, easier to use than the previous version (2.79), it’s free and you can export to FBX. The last version have EEVEE that support direct preview of your PBR material.

I used Blender 2.79b (preview PBR material with Cycle that take a bit more time, but still great) and 3DS Max to export to the Banshee editor and it worked really well. I also used 3D Coat a lot for texturing, some other prefer Substance painter. Since you are asking more on modeling, Blender is solid and cost nothing.


Thanks I will check it out, I have been playing around with Modo a bit but just getting into it.