Answered: Can BSF be able to access the OS native dialogs?


Hi, I’ve just got BSF from the site and followed the instruction for the user guide to make a basic application. Was able to build it without problem even if I’m really not been using C++ for years! Thanks for the detailed instructions!

I was reading the user documentation and it looked as easy as when I was using the Irrlicht framework and I wanted to try it!

Just out of curiosity, does BSF can access the native OS requesters?
Can we instance meshes from the framework (hardware instancing)?


Hey. Good to hear you managed to get it running. I’m not sure what do you mean by native OS requesters? Could you elaborate?

Hardware instancing is supported in the low-level rendering API but not directly from the Renderable component.


Hi, Like file dialog. I might try to use this library with BSF if it’s not directly supported. It just facilitate the work to write desktop applications. File, folder and color dialogs for example.

For the hardware instancing, do you plan to create a high level rendering API method soon? (Would also be required to have in the Banshee Editor). This would be important to have to create massive scenes that will not impact performance too much. I did not had this when I was “programming” in Irrlicht and could not do any big scenes with it.

This would primilary used to create vegetation, but could be used to create crowds (12 citizen models could populate a crowd of thousand of people). Could also use it for lots of the same props in the same scene (example: lots of balistic missiles in a silo, same model, but tons of instances)

Another example of hardware instancing, is in city creation with building parts kit. This feature would help for performance a lot in these situation. I don’t know if this could be used for decals, but it would improve performance too.

From what I understand of hardware instancing, is that each node have it’s own transform, but that the meshbuffer is instanced from the GPU memory. (Same mesh data from GPU memory)


No folder & file dialogs in bsf at the moment. But they are part of Banshee Editor’s codebase, and should probably be moved over to bsf (if someone wants to do it I’d be happy to accept a PR). Native color dialog is not available however.

I don’t have an exact timeframe for hardware instancing. There will almost certainly be some form of it integrated into the terrain system, specifically for things such as vegetation and terrain details. Once I see how that ends up working I might get an idea on how to best handle it in a general purpose system. In general I plan on doing an ‘open world update’ with things such as level-of-detail, texture streaming, occlusion and instancing, most likely soon after v1.3 (terrain system update).