Can I load Banshee Engine's Scene Files in bs::framework?


I want to build the world and GUIs in Banshee Editor and load them using bs:: framework. Is this Possible? I am planning on using Lua for some High-Level Stuff, but mostly it will be C++ for Programming.


There is no built-in way of doing this at the moment, but at the low-level the scene files used by the editor and the framework are the same and can be loaded by the framework.

If you were to do it, the scene files can be loaded normally as a Prefab, same as if you saved a scene directly in the framework, but you would also need to copy the resources imported by the editor, the resource manifest and C# assemblies (in case you’re using any scripts) and load them manually in the bsf application.

In fact the generated Game executable when building in-editor is a pure bsf application. You can take a look at it’s Main.cpp for an example of how it loads editor files. You can also take a look at BuildManager in C# and ScriptBuildManager in C++ to learn how the editor packages its files for use in the framework.

I would be interested in integrating this feature into the editor, in case you plan on working on it. Also see this issue: