EDITOR: Tested the transparent shader and work great!


Hi, I tested the transparent shader and it work well. It support the alpha channel in an image and the global transparent value also work.

Here is a screen on my test model:

Done a check with the primitives and they don’t crash the editor anymore. Checked If I could do tiling with the GUI and the texture tile. Here another screen.

If you look at the floor, it’s only a cube primitive with a texture on it. The sphere in the back is also a primitive. I only miss a cylinder, but having the ability to tile textures on primitive allow me to do basic blockout for level design… :slight_smile:


Looking great!

I’m hoping to do a new batch of renderer enhancements right after I get editor stable, so hopefully we can get things looking even better with those.


(Don’t build your levels too complex yet. I’m still getting reports of scene corruption, likely caused by the new async resource import and scene loading features)


I don’t mind to restart from scratch. It’s just practice and test time… :smile: Anyway, only the scene and project can be lost, not the models. Meanwhile it give us some nice screenshots of the editor evolution.

By the way your “duplicate” feature is great as it copy the whole hierarchy. I created the ball in a structure and parented the parts together and was able to duplicate the whole thing by “CTRL-D”.
Moving objects where easy by using the snap feature and that kept them aligned. (Still selected in my screenshot)

For the asyc ressource Import, I had errors of “file not found” in the temp folder while importing textures. But Banshee did not close and was able to save and reload without any issues.

EDIT: Yep. Got an issue while trying to import a mesh. Got the error (file not found), then when reloading this time crash every time. I copied the folder and removed the .meta file corresponding to the scene and was able to recover. I added my doors and the little corridor.