Engine throws error for having an inline function declared in the engine's source code


The project is being written in Code::Blocks. I’m not sure why it is throwing this error. I made it using CMake, and I tried it in visual studio as well, and it worked. The reason I switched over was because I honestly really dislike visual studio. How could I get this to work?


Please post the exact error you are getting, and ideally the code bit which is triggering it.


Wow, I completely forgot to include that. Looking back, this post feels very useless. I thought I included the code it came from. I’ve made many posts online like this before, this is very uncharacteristic of me. Sorry!

The error says “error: ‘bs::platformAlignedAlloc16’ declared as an ‘inline’ variable”, and it was on line 29 of BsMemoryAllocator.h.

Thank you for helping.


Is there more to that error? Can you post the exact error message as printed by the compiler? Declaring a method as inline is a normal C++ construct and not an error in itself.

Also, what compiler and compiler version does Code::Blocks use?