Fatal error when starting barebones application


When following the guide in the user example, i attempt to load a cube and assign a material texture.
No matter if i load the cube, or just start the application from scratch, i get this error message (from images)

#include “BsApplication.h”
#include “Scene/BsSceneObject.h”
#include “Components/BsCCamera.h”
#include “Components\BsCRenderable.h”
#include “Mesh\BsMesh.h”
#include “Resources\BsBuiltinResources.h”
#include “Material\BsMaterial.h”
#include “Importer\BsImporter.h”

using namespace bs;
int main()
Application::startUp(VideoMode(1280, 720), “My app”, false);
return 0;

It’s clear that it attempts loading some resources that are unavailable, however i have no idea how to provide them at the time ?


I found the error it was a simple mistake by me.
I had only copied the Data folder to the executable directory, and not the project directory, making the files unavailable for the debug.