Feature request: Cloth Physics


Just putting this feature request down as I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. It’d be nice to have to simulate hair, clothing, and the like. I’m sure everyone can just learn the PhysX API and implement it themselves, but it’d be nice to have one unified way of doing it in bsf.

Keep up the good work!


Hey. It’s definitely planned, just hasn’t been written down anywhere so far. I’ve opened an issue to make sure its not forgotten, https://github.com/GameFoundry/bsf/issues/185.


Would be great to have Hairworks :yum::

I don’t know how they can put theses hairs in engine… Would have to check how they do this.

But there is also TRESS FX from AMD, and from what I’ve heard it should be open sourced.


Yep fur and hair is something I definitely want to support eventually. I should be adding a fur/hair shading model fairly soon, and the hair simulation stuff will come later after the essential features are all done.