Feature request: Imgui



As said in the issue -> https://github.com/GameFoundry/bsf/issues/189

Imgui is very useful for graphical debugging quickly and is very well maintained. I planned to use the GUI of bsf for games, and imgui for my editor for example. The difficulty is that bsf has different rendering backend (OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX) so it should make the calls to the levels of these plugins there I think, maybe there is more simple. In any case it would be really nice to simplify the development with bsf to have the support of IMGUI.

I don’t very well the codebase of bsf since i’m new so maybe let me know if you want some help for this.


I don’t plan on officially integrating imgui into the framework, but if you feel like making some kind of an extension its certainly welcome. bsf rendering backend is unified under a common low-level rendering interface and ideally any implementation should call that directly instead of manually referencing OpenGL/DirectX/Vulkan.

Eventually I might generalize some code from the Banshee editor into bsf (like docking, window handling, etc.) to make editor development easier for others, but it’s not a priority.