Feature requests: Mesh Primitives and SubMesh hiding


Similar to cloth physics, I can’t find this (creating primitives) anywhere. Yes, we can generate these meshes ourselves, but it’d be nice to have something like Mesh::createCube or Mesh::createBox, Mesh::createSphere, and Mesh::createCapsule as a unified way to do this.

Additionally, as a lower priority, it’d be nice to have the ability to quickly hide/show submeshes, or automatically import submeshes as different meshes (not sure if this is already built-in).


You can retrieve the built-in primitives through BuiltinResources::getMesh. You can also use ShapeMeshes3D to generate various primitives with more control.

I’ll add more control for dealing with submeshes later on. Do you have a specific use case in mind? I’ll usually implement something faster if I see a good example where it is needed.


Thanks for that! I think generating primitives could be in the user manual in the meshes section (or its own section) to avoid confusion in the future.

As for the specific use case, I have a model that has a bunch of clothes as submeshes, so hiding submeshes would allow to customize the character more easily. It’s no big deal on this model since the creator already separated the submeshes into different fbx files as well, but it might be useful for other models.