Had a tiny little problem while setting up a project


I’m a French 2nd year student in an Advance Technical Diploma, but as far a i remember i never used Cmake or install a Library on a compiler.
The farest i did go is to write a Makefile file , so i can figure out what i mess up.

running the make command line return me a lot of error like undefined type or function undefine, like it was trying to compile without librarys.

I extracted the precompiled package to the root of my project’s folder and added the include and lib folder to my complier’s root folder (witch is MinGW).
And I replaced the “C:/path/to/bsf/install” of CMakelist.txt by “C:\Users\bertr\OneDrive\Bureau\bsfr\bsf” witch is the folder in my project where in extracted the zip file.

Where do you think i did mess the thing up ?


MinGW isn’t officially supported, so it’s probably that.


Witch compiler do you suggest me ?


Supported compilers:

  • MSVC++ 15.0 (Visual Studio 2017)
  • GCC 7.0 (or newer)
  • Clang 5.0 (or newer)
  • Apple LLVM 9.0.0 (XCode 9)


Are not MinGW and GCC the same ?

I’ve installed VS2017 and it worlk well, it compile and i can run it , but when i compile in VS2017 i get an acces denied error for ALL_BUILD.


They’re not exactly the same, and tweaks would have to be made to bsf build process to get it to work. Probably nothing major but I have never tried.


I get an acces denied message when I try to debug on visual studio.
It say : «can run the program “C:\users\bertr\document\projet\build\x64\debug\ALL_BUILD” access denied».
Do you know the reason?