How exactly does gameplay logic work for groups of many things?


I’m trying to make a class for a simple gun, but can’t figure out how to do it. Should I have every item that needs updating be a component? Or should I have every one of them just be a normal class and have a separate component that manually updates all of them? And if that’s the case, should the gun have a base class of a scene object? Is there a chance someone could make a small but complete actual game with the framework and put it on the example page? There are a lot of things I want to see about how a program is supposed to be structured.

This framework is very enjoyable to use, by the way, other than a lack of tutorials/specific documentation on the framework.


Generally it is intended that each object should be represented by its own component.

You shouldn’t need to inherit from a scene object, that’s not what it was intended for. If you really need to have an object that’s not a component you can perhaps inherit from SceneActor instead, which acts like a SceneObject + Component. But that is for advanced users, I’d stick with components.