How to get more buzz going for the framework?


I am a Patreon backer and am enthusiastic about the framework. It’s refreshing to see things being done the right way. I think for the engine to get more traction there needs to be some tutorials that show how to use it. I would almost rather see that before new features once the editor is stable.



A Patreon here as well and I’m also excited about the future of this framework and the bs engine.

I agree that tutorials will help with increasing the exposure of the framework.

However, there are quite a few important features on the roadmap that should make the framework even more exciting.

These include pathfinding, terrain system, scripting, multi-scene support, a bunch of 2D improvements, LOD, occlusion culling, IK and quite a few more.

Oh and don’t forget mobile support.

These features are important for competing with other open source engines. I would suggest that the features take priority.

Tutorials can be added randomly here and there and can be contributed by the community as it grows.


Hey guys. You are both right in what needs to be done in order to get proper traction:

  • Stable editor & documentation - Stable editor is hopefully coming soon. Documentation a bit later, but hopefully soon after, I realize it’s important. The work I’m doing now on C# documentation and manual documentation generator is a big step in that direction, as this will be the scripting documentation for the editor as well.
  • 2D features - Many developers, especially indies focus on 2D games. You can certainly use low level rendering in bsf for some basic 2D, but it’s not proper support - we need simple to use sprite rendering, 2D physics and 2D animation. They aren’t the most complex features and I hope I can squeeze them in sooner than later, but at the same time I don’t like doing things half-right and would rather delay if that means doing something properly. Ideally I’d love to see a contributor do this because it shouldn’t be too complex.
  • Mobile support - Similar to 2D, many developers really care about releasing on mobile and that takes a good chunk of our audience away. It’s definitely one of the more important features, but for now I feel I need to focus on PC. Actual platform-specific code for mobiles shouldn’t be too difficult to add. Getting the renderer to work would take more, but initially it might be good to just disable the advanced renderer features and build it up slowly (2D games would not need it anyway).
  • C# scripting - Making the framework usable in C# on its own might get us a nice influx of users. I do believe those users will also demand 2D & mobile in order for this feature to be truly effective. Which is why I’m just releasing it as a preliminary feature for now, and full release might only come after I add 2D (at the very least). This way we can have a release announcement that attracts a lot of users, and keeps them engaged as well.

And then there’s pathfinding, terrain, networking, LOD, IK, high level animation blending, occlusion culling and texture streaming, which are all important for 3D games on PC/consoles, which shouldn’t be forgotten either (but probably won’t attract as many users as the features above).

Having a demo game for the framework would also be a big deal. A nice video of a pretty scene with many of its features in action in an actual game (or a demo) would probably be the biggest draw for users. But again, this needs to be done /after/ we have most of the features above, so the users actually stay engaged. A friend of mine is already preparing some very nice art assets and we’ll start setting something up starting this year. This will ultimately also serve as a better test and a performance benchmark of the framework as a whole.

If my Patreon ever gets higher (closer to 1000$) I’m thinking of spending it all on part time developer to help up with some of the less demanding features. But that’s a long shot.

Regardless, the features are getting wrapped up at a pretty nice pace and I’m not too worried about the amount of users we have now. I’m just focusing on doing things the right way, and once all the relevant features are in I’m confident we’ll have something with a level of quality and features far above anything offered by open source, and soon after even commercial - and the users will come accordingly.


I always forget about the whole mobile thing … i am old school :slight_smile:


I like that the engine will have some 2D Features too, this engine will probably be a really nice open source unity alternative.

I’ll happily stay as a patreon supporter just wish I found out about it sooner.

Post your patreon on the banshee game engine site too :slight_smile:


I just joined the patreon (and took out my godot contribution cause they have enough traction now).

My thoughts would be:

  1. you’ll want to attract contributors just as much as users, and contributors are more likely to be more interested in the performance and architecture side of things. ECS compatibility and intuitive low-level rendering api is a big thing for me for instance. I’ve noticed with godot that they are overwhelmed with the editor and documentation requests from users that aren’t comfortable with navigating the engine code itself. i.e. most contributors and patrons should be comfortable with c++ dev.
  2. jump on the ECS bandwagon hype gets a lot of upvotes I’ve seen. c# will help too agreed.
  3. advertise the vulkan hype which you’re already doing
  4. I’d personally prefer the 3d focus but that’s me being selfish.
  5. terrain component demo can have a lot of attraction.

Is Banshee engine supposed to be the primary editor then? My early impression had been that bsf was derived from banshee but it seems other way around… regardless as a new person it was not obvious to me that both projects are by bearish… and if they are that should be advertised as a big positive feature.


There was once BansheeEngine only. The framework was made from the re-usable parts of the Banshee then banshee was restructured to be based on the framework. In this case the chicken came before the egg :wink: .

Maybe the engine can be moved to GameFoundry organization too?]


Thanks for your contribution :slight_smile:

Banshee came first, but it was always designed in a way so that the framework bits were kept separate from the editor. When the core systems became stable enough I decided to split it off into a separate project, as I wanted to release something stable and the editor wasn’t ready (and still isn’t).

Moving the engine to GameFoundry would be good, but I’m not sure if GitHub can handle it? I don’t think it was possible earlier, but I haven’t checked recently. (Or maybe I’m misremembering. I also think I didn’t want to change the URL in case of people bookmarked it).


nah you’re right just make sure the repos are linked to each other is enough really.

I find editor less valuable than the framework. All I really need is some imgui and SDL which should be a lot more mantainable than dedicated editor.


Github should handle all of that for you:


Github does a really good job on transfering repositories somewhere. I moved the main repo of our game from my personal Github-Account to an organization account and had no issues doing so. The old URL simply redirects to the new location. It’s been 1-2 years since I’ve done that and the old link still works.

In the meantime, I even changed the name of my GitHub-account. The old link still works fine.