How to Import & Save without starting renderer



I’m starting to experiment with the bs::framework by setting up an asset pipeline. Rather than use the approach used in the examples, I’d like to exclude all importers from my game and instead use a command line tool that will import and save my assets on demand during development or via Continuous Integration. This approach is based on

I’m trying to write the command line tool now and I can’t figure out how to import images and save them as textures without starting a TextureManager module. Is there any way to do this without starting a render window? Also, are textures the same format regardless of rendering backend or does bsf create specific formats for DirectX, OpenGL, etc?



There is currently no way to run bsf without the renderer and related modules. However I am planning to add support for a server-oriented headless mode in the Networking update.

The texture format is the same regardless of the render backends, but not all backends might support all formats. For now this is only the case with macOS’s OpenGL renderer which doesn’t support some of the most recent BC formats. It’s up to you to provide alternatives for such platforms, if relevant.