How to Use Editor?


The Progress updates page mentions Fixes to an Editor. Is this the Editor for the Banshee Engine or a WIP Editor for bs::framework? If It is for the framework, how can I Launch it?


It is the Banshee Engine editor.


@BearishSun Hey! This might sound really way Off-Topic, but Someone with your Experience might know better. I am currently looking to make a game for my Portfolio and it should be C++ as most AAA studios require C++ Experience. I am a Unity Person and moving to Unreal Engine has been a shock as the entire Engine seems to be geared towards FPS and TPS games, unlike Unity which provides us with a Clean Slate. bs::framework looks so much like Unity design-wise. I am concerned that it might limit my chances for Job Offers as Unreal seems to be popular among AAA Studios(Seems like Unity is not used for most AAA games). I’ve shipped a Couple of Games using Unity for Mobile, which is fairly successful, so I have experience with 3D Engines in General.


Was there a question in there somewhere?


If you want to get in game studios, check on Unreal Engine first. Unity is mostly closed source and development on it work by programming in c#. In that regard, Banshee is more similar to the Unreal engine than Unity.

That will not be easy, as they are looking for “seniors” all the time. But since you made some games already, it will help.

Do you have a Gameloft studio in your area? They are a branch of Ubisoft. You might try to start there and later when you get more experience could try as senior to the other big ones?