How would networking work?


Hello there,
Its been a while since I’ve posted – but I’ve seen all the updates and am tracking progress! Really like it so far! Here’s what I’m curious about:

  • For the networking in 1.2, how would you like it to work?
  • I’m asking because I may be able to develop a possible solution now, so we can get on beta-testing it right away. I know I haven’t contributed before, so I thought this might be an excellent way to contribute.
  • For the networking, if I can contribute a possible solution now, what might an example client and server look like?


There are some initial consideration here:


Yep I believe that sums it up. The network would provide similar API to a library like RakNet (I will probably use RakNet unless I come across something better). Initially it should support:

  • Manual packet sending/receiving over TCP and reliable UDP
  • Replication
  • RPC

And the core would need to be reworked a bit so it can run headless (no rendering or audio).

Probably some more stuff, but I can’t give you a more detailed answer without doing research on the topic.