Should I open source my code if I statically link bsf?


Hi guys,
I know bsf is under MIT and banshee3d is under LGPL v3. LGPL v3 asks to open source your code if you change or statically link the engine. What will MIT ask to if I only use bsf?



You do not need to open source your code if you link with bsf, either statically or dynamically. You’re basically free to do anything you want with it, as long as you keep the copyright & license notices in place.


I see. Thank you! I have two following questions:

  1. What is the difference between banshee3d and bsf? Is banshe3d = bsf + editor? Is it feasible to just use bsf to write a game?
  2. If I use banshee3d and statically link it, should I open source my code? Is this the difference between MIT and LGPL v3 licenses?

  1. Basically yes, Banshee 3D is bsf + editor + C# scripting.
  2. Yes, if you statically link or modify LGPL licensed code you need to make yours LGPL or GPL.


I see. Thank you! I feel your game engine is awesome. I am a potential user of it. Hope one day I can contribute code to it. :slight_smile:


Um… I have a new question. Please see
Seems bsf also have editor and C# scripting support?


The editor and C# support is currently Banshee3D.

According to the roadmap C# support will be made available to bsf without the need for the editor in the future.

Hopefully more of the framework will be exposed to C# so you can just create your apps in C#.

I too am patiently awaiting this change as I would love to be able to build banshee apps with minimal or no c++ interaction.


I see. Thank you! I feeling bsf may become a popular game engine in future.