Using DirectXTex as a way to import .dds textures


DirectXTex is a nice way to support .dds files since as far as I know, freeimage doesn’t support dds right? I’m not that familiar with how bsf works but I guess it would be similar to implementing freeimage?


Looks to be Windows only. I don’t believe DDS is a complex format, so there is probably no need to integrate a third party library for it. This isn’t a high priority for me, but if someone else wants to take a crack at it, you’d have to add a SpecificImporter override, similar to FreeImgImporter.


Alright, that’s ba start. Just syncing sources. Gonna take a look at updating bsf dependencies


Some update on what I’ve been working on today,

  • Updated freetype to 2.9.1
  • Updated snappy to latest version from google repo
  • Updated nvtt to latest version from github
  • Built physx-4.0 and right now starting to migrate from 3.3 into 4.0
  • Initial plugin codebase for DX12


Great, nice to hear about PhysX 4 and DX12 plans.