Version 1.1 released



Today we’re launching the first major update for the framework. The update includes a brand new particle system, decals, various renderer enhancements and over 150 other new additions and changes!

For more information check out the detailed release notes.

I’m very excited to start working on the next batch of features. The focus of the next few updates will be:

  • v1.2 - New major release that includes networking support, headless mode, pathfinding integration, new shading models and other renderer enhancements
  • New editor release - Getting the editor back into usable shape and doing a new stable release is high priority. It will add support for all the new framework features, macOS support and a ton of quality of life enhancements.
  • C# scripting - Exposing the framework to C# (and eventually other scripting languages) is another high priority as it will open up the framework for a large new user base. Most of the work is already done, but some systems are yet to be exported and C# documentation needs to be created.

Long-term plan is to integrate all the features you would expect from a commercial engine, many of which we already have - across all platforms, including mobiles and consoles. Once we have this essential feature-set in place there are many ideas on how to improve and innovate on these systems. Stay tuned!

You can grab the binaries of the new version on the download page.

Special thanks to the patrons supporting the project on Patreon, other donators, and last but not least the code contributors!